Learn at your own pace and keep these powerful recordings, special bonuses from our speakers,  online classes  and meditations for life!

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What’s Included:
  • ​Instant Lifetime Access to the 2022 Quantum Miracles Docuseries (30+ Online Video Lessons and 30+ Online Downloadable Audios ($797 value)
  • The Abundance Code Course ($97 value) Find your Soul's Purpose and be Abundant Doing it.
  • The Love Code Training ($97 value) Learn to tap into your Heart's Intelligence and align to the field of infinite possibilities. 
  • 3 months Free Access to the Quantum Miracles App ($87 value) 
  • ​​"Miracles Frequency" brainwave entrainment music - This track is charged with the frequency of miracles and 220220220Hz. 
For only $197!
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The Quantum Miracle Mastery features 30+ world-class spiritual leaders, scientists, doctors and healers...

Healing traditions from around the world date back hundreds or even thousands of years. Though Western allopathic medicine has until recently dismissed these modalities as superstition, attitudes in mainstream health care are changing and New Science is showing how these modalities work in many ways.

Every year, we find more and more research to show just how much we've missed by focusing too much on the physical dimension of health, leaving out energy, thought, the field, the soul, miracles, and more.

Many methods of healing have received unprecedented levels of support from doctors, nurses, and researchers. We're only beginning to study the true potential of many healing practices.

More details on what's inside:

Here’s what’s inside The Abundance Code Course:

Even therapists and healers need support and healing for themselves, but many are afraid to reach out and they don’t have the time in their already busy lives.. That’s why I created the Abundance Code based on our Quantum Healing Training specifically for entrepreneurs.

Step by Step guide to shifting from Goal Setting to Manifesting
Abundance Code 1 Experiential Class with Techniques and Tools 
Secret Fire of Passionate Purpose Transmission
2 Quantum Meditations for Abundance and Success
  • My favorite signature quantum meditations to train your brain — bite-sized videos with instructions / meditations
  • Regulate your emotions and get into alignment with success and abundance. Ever notice how things you really want only show up once in a while? You’re scattered and feel a lack of control over your life - your personal frequency is therefore also scattered. When you come into a meditative state with these quantum meditations, you connect with the quantum field and elevate your frequency as you build the muscle to connect with the quantum. By doing these meditations frequently, it allows you to stay in alignment with your energetic field and emotions time and time again. The outcome is you create results and fast!
Here’s what’s inside The Love Code Training:

Discover the secrets for changing your heart energy and immediately ‘shutting off’ old negative emotions almost instantly… so you can align with the right frequency to attract better relationships that will serve you, not harm you!

You have a higher intelligence that is lying dormant inside of you. We’ll tap into that divine intelligence to help you heal the body from emotional scars, and other traumas that are holding you back from manifesting your best life.

Access your highest intuition and dissolve old patterns and inner triggers that sabotage you when it comes to connecting on the deepest level possible in every relationship in your life... including your friends, family, or intimate relationships

There is a counterintuitive reason you're seeing negative or self-sabotaging patterns manifest inside your closest relationships! Let’s uncover what it is and how to get over it. (It's not what you think it is!)


For only $197
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